Packaging Innovation
Lactips biodegradable plastic packaging
May 30, 2017

Got milk-based plastic packaging? Lactips created it!

Did you know that approximately 300 million bags of chemical waste are disposed of every year? And that tons of left-over chemicals end up in landfills and even the consumer’s water supply? Now that waste management is more important than ever, a great deal of packaging manufacturers are rising to the occasion with innovative green packaging solutions. Companies like Lactips, for instance, a French startup that produces biodegradable thermoplastics based on milk protein.

Lactips: from plastic pellets to water-soluble film

Determined to tackle the packaging industry’s negative impact on the environment, Lactips has created biodegradable plastic pellets which can be transformed into water-soluble film. “Our material is a clean, bio-sourced and biodegradable material that doesn’t leave any residue,” explains CEO of Lactips Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff.

Plastic packaging made of milk protein

Lactips’ unique pellets are the result of seven years of research by the University of Saint-Etienne. Made of casein, a protein derived from milk, the pellets can serve as a raw material for any kind of plastic applications including edible packaging. For non-food applications, Lactips also offers pellets made of non-edible casein. While other plastic films always leave chemical residue, plastic film made of Lactips’ pellets completely dissolves in water.

Biodegradable with excellent barrier properties

So far, Lactips has already produced biodegradable and water soluble films for several detergent manufacturers. Now looking to expand its customer base with food and beverage manufacturers, the startup made sure its innovative green packaging material offers excellent barrier properties without compromising its biodegradability. Lactips’ milk-based plastic packaging not only seals off contents perfectly, but is also completely biodegradable within 18 days. Consumers will also be pleased to learn that packaging made from Lactips’ pellets can even be used as compost. Packaging doesn’t get much greener than this!   Inspired by Plastics News