Packaging Innovation
October 13, 2014

Eco packaging and brand equity: “Stop the water while using me”

Turning ‘green products’ into a successful business model is quite a challenge. “Stop the water while using me”, a German-based company does it, and quite successfully so. They sell soap products in containers bearing the company name as a warning and instruction for the user. It’s a clever and bold move that deserves our attention.

Water is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be squandered. Yet, in many countries today water isn’t treated with the care it deserves. German-based company “Stop the water while using me” wants to do something about water wastage in a very original fashion.

Message and brand name in one package

Do you know the brand “Stop the water while using me?” They provide a valuable instruction against water spillage.The concept is simple enough: make a bottle of shampoo, body lotion or tooth paste that tells the user to turn off the tap while using it in order to preserve water. In a brilliant move, the company’s name is also the instruction they put in capital letters on every flask or container: “Stop the water while using me”. It might not be a very catchy product or brand name but it’s definitely a strong message.

On its website the company explains: “Water is the foundation of life.
 We all need it every day. 
But yet it gets wasted.
 We encourage people to save water, right there, where water is used.

 With a range of bathroom products, you stop wasting water:

Fully recyclable and/or refillable packaging containers

Spreading the green message, “Stop the water while using me” exclusively uses eco-friendly ingredients to make their soaps, conditioners, shower gels and toothpastes, as well as eco-friendly packaging. The company has omitted synthetic colorings and aromas from their range, in favor of natural essential oils and fragrances and recyclable packaging and refillable containers.

Good water projects

Apart from selling eco-friendly, water-saving products, the company also started “Good water projects”, donating a share of revenue to projects that provide fresh and clean water where it is needed most. You can follow their projects here.