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October 10, 2017

Eco-friendly packaging design: what makes soy ink so sexy?

If you think your packaging design can’t possibly get any greener, chances are you’re forgetting about ink. What’s that? You did forget to bring ink into the equation? Then you’re in for a treat. Because eco-friendly inks come in a wide variety of types these days, and in many cases they’re a great means for printing green product packaging without compromising on your initial design. Arguably the coolest of all, soy ink in particular brings many advantages to the table.

Soy ink: sustainability since 1979

soy ink eco-friendly packaging desi Soy ink is, of course, made of soybeans. Mind you, it’s neither edible nor 100 percent biodegradable. Still, soy ink is one very sexy alternative to petroleum-based ink. Ever since it was first used in 1979, its popularity only increased. Soybeans are not only one of the most renewable food sources out there, soy ink also does well in the print department for three other reasons:

1.     Soy ink is highly heat-resistant

Most alternatives to petroleum-based ink fall short when it comes to thermal resistance, in some cases transferring not to the substrate but to the machine instead. Soy-ink, however, has a lower boiling point, which makes it laser-proof and a much safer bet for higher-quality prints.

2.     Soy ink gives printers a run for their money

Soy ink is very cost effective to boot. As it produces much more lively and intense colors than other types of ink, operators only need small amounts of soy ink to produce top quality prints. Tip: having a color management system like Color Engine in place allows for accurate color prediction on various substrates.

3.     Soy ink remains stable

Last but not least, soy ink is renowned for its lithographic stability throughout the printing process. That means less adjustments are required, which not only saves time but also means less copies get thrown away due to poor quality.   Inspired by The Unique Group