Packaging Innovation
November 14, 2014

The biodegradable urn: turn into a tree when you die

As you know we at Esko are big fans of environmentally friendly packaging. And so this biodegradable urn, called Bios Urn, deserves our full attention.

How does it work? Inside the urn there is a tree seed that will start to grow as soon as the urn is buried, along with the remains of your loved one. OK, it’s not packaging per se, but it’s still an interesting way to reduce waste.

Converting cemeteries into forests

Poisonous embalming fluid, sealed caskets and cement burial vaults damage the environment and a growing number of people with environmental concerns are choosing green burials. Not only are these better for the environment, they are also considerably less costly than traditional funerals.

The biodegradable urn’s top part is designed to allow the seed to sprout. Before you can bury the urn you need to mix the components with soil to facilitate the germination process. Don’t worry, though. The Bios Urn keeps the seed separate from the ashes of your loved one. As the tree starts growing, over time the lower compartment containing the ashes withers, converting cemeteries into forests.

Choose your favorite tree

Are you interested in buying the Bios Urn? Upon purchasing you will receive everything you need for planting your tree – you can choose between pine, ginko, maple, oak, ash or beech at no extra cost. The company does ask to check with local authorities before burying your loved one in your own garden, as not all cities, towns or provincial governments allow it.

And for those of you looking to bury their favorite pet: the Bios Urn is also available for animals. In fact, it’s the same product, apart from the label and packaging.