Packaging Innovation
February 9, 2015

Biodegradable chocolate packaging – eat a bar, grow a plant

Packaging designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to tackle the waste problem. Biodegradable packaging is a no-brainer: the packaging dissolves overtime, leaving no waste whatsoever. The only problem is, it can’t be used for every type of product. However, that didn’t stop designer Connor Davey, when he came up with Bloom Everlasting Chocolate.

Biodegradable packaging: the holy grail

Leaving no waste behind, whatsoever, biodegradable packaging is considered the holy grail of the eco movement. If every product in the world is wrapped in biodegradable packaging, that would solve the waste problem altogether. For the moment, though, examples are scarce.

Every now and then a brilliant case does come along, such as Connor Davey’s Bloom Everlasting Chocolate. This extraordinary concept reminds us that all it takes is a little bit of creativity and an open mind to create packaging that remains both beautiful and functional long after the product itself has disappeared.

Create new life with biodegradable chocolate packaging

Connor came up with chocolate packaging that can be planted after use, giving the packaging a new life and leaving no waste. The packaging designer came up with a range of different flavor chocolates packaged in a biodegradable seed infused card. The mint chocolate pack when planted grows mint, the orange chocolate grows an orange plant, the rose infused chocolate grows roses and the chili chocolate grows a chili plant.

The packaging also contains clear instructions on how to plant the seeds, making sure consumers can take full advantage of their biodegradable packaging.

Who knew a pack of chocolate could be so much fun?