Packaging Innovation
August 24, 2013

A new take on biodegradable food packaging | Mighty Oats

Sustainable packaging materials have become quite common in the packaging industry. Sustainability is far more than being energy efficient and reducing waste though, it’s a way of life. Mighty Oats organic baby food shows a creative take on biodegradable food packaging that is not only good for the environment, but will teach children valuable life lessons.

Reducing waste by 100%? Plantable packaging!

Mighty Oat’s biodegradable packaging brings a little extra to the table: it contains seeds for various vegetables depending on the flavor you choose. You can grow your own carrots, radishes and other greens by simply soaking the package in water for an hour and then planting it in the ground. This process leaves no waste as the packaging is compostable. A lot of children these days don’t know where food comes from. That’s not surprising seeing as we buy everything in a store where food is usually sold pre-packed. Growing your own food is a good way to teach your children what food, and more importantly healthy food, truly is.

Little Duck Organics – Colorful biodegradable food packaging design

Mighty Oats doesn’t disappoint in the design area either. The organic food for baby’s and small children is made by Little Duck Organics which has a cute mascot that is shown on top of each package, attracting the attention of children and parents alike. Combine this cute mascot with some colorful packaging and you have a winner in the baby food aisle. How do you feel about plantable packaging? Is it a gimmick or perhaps the ideal way to reduce waste? Let us know in the comment section!