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Treasure hunting with the Kongsberg cutting table | Read on at ye own risk (for wanting more)

‘All hands on deck!’ the designers shouted at Esko, when creating this impressive sample collection. Demonstrating the vast possibilities of Esko’s software and digital finishing solutions, the new sample box is most suitably conceived as a Pirates’ Treasure Chest.   The treasure chest is not just another sample case; it stands out by its whimsy! […]

A biological billboard

Steven Soderbergh’s new film “Contagion” was released in the States  in September. To promote this,  Warner Bros. Pictures Canada teamed up with microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind bacteria message board. Two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria and almost overnight have […]

3D posters

These amazing posters  featuring huge 3D papercraft horses were made for a new band Dry the River. This poster project was the brain child of Phil Clandilon,  Steve Milbourne and Xavier Barrade, for Foam. Phil explains “We thought it would be interesting to make 3D posters, and we set him the extra challenge of making […]

Virtual stores in subways

South Korean supermarket chain Home Plus wanted to boost their online sales. They launched an ad campaign of virtual stores installed on subway platforms. The campaign consisted of 2D displays laid out like actual store shelves. Commuters could browse the virtual shelves and ordered products with their smartphones using QR codes. Their orders were then […]