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The Long-term Value of Point of Sale Display Marketing

From Amazon to Zara, the rapid global growth of omni-channel retailing has forced increased in-store competition between competing brands. Nowhere is this clearer than in today’s widespread use of Point of Sale (POS) displays, also known as Point of Purchase (POP). Take a look around any large store today and you’ll see POS displays promoting […]
Buy your POP display templates

It’s here! The ultimate store for your POP display templates

What’s in a name? Quite a lot in the case of a POP display, which is not just short for ‘point of purchase’ display but also literally makes a product pop. A tried and tested means to boost impulse sales, POP displays are a specific branch of packaging design that requires a great deal of […]
perfect store design

5 tips to create the perfect store design

Creating the perfect packaging design is one thing. Getting it to thrive in a retail environment is something different entirely – yet just as important. How will your packaging design compare to the competition on the shelves? Is there any place in the store in particular where a particular product will yield better sales results […]
counter display design tips

3 tips to create powerful counter displays

We’ve all been there, picking up ‘just one more’ candy bar or stick of gum we don’t really need while waiting in line at the register. It’s a typical example of impulse buying, encouraged by point-of-purchase merchandising. Strategically designed to grab the consumer’s attention, counter displays play a big part in this type of marketing. […]
POP display design tips

How to encourage impulse purchases with POP displays

The shopping list is dead. Long live impulse buying! Did you know that about 80 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions on the spot? Unsurprisingly, POP displays are at an all-time high. Short for ‘point of purchase display’, a POP display is the ideal method to catch the shoppers’ attention and persuade them to […]
irtual store simulation software

The rise and future of virtual store simulation

More and more packaging designers and food manufacturers are consistently conducting virtual store simulation as a part of their market research. Does this surprise us? Not really, no. Major companies such as Intel Corp. and Procter & Gamble have been experimenting with various methods of store simulation since the early 1990s, so it was only […]
i-cut Automate workflow automation

Expand your signage business with workflow automation

Brand owners address target groups with versioned signage. It enables them to adopt regional, cultural and other differences. From the perspective of the printer, these requests are often challenging, unless the printer has optimal production automation, and is able to handle the finishing himself.

Treasure hunting with the Kongsberg cutting table | Read on at ye own risk (for wanting more)

‘All hands on deck!’ the designers shouted at Esko, when creating this impressive sample collection. Demonstrating the vast possibilities of Esko’s software and digital finishing solutions, the new sample box is most suitably conceived as a Pirates’ Treasure Chest.   The treasure chest is not just another sample case; it stands out by its whimsy! […]

Learn to diversify your print offerings

Learn how to diversify your print offerings at the EskoArtwork Open house. Do you want to know how you can expand your portfolio with new 3D possibilities Interested in producing POS/POP displays, signs, … Looking to branch out in large format printing? Or do you want to find out how to eliminate bottlenecks in your […]

Flexible E-Newspaper Screen

LG Display, Seoul, Korea, announces that it is developing a flexible electronic-paper screen that’s approximately the size of a tabloid newspaper. The screen measures 25 cm x 40 cm (19” diagonal screen size) and is 0.3 mm thin. LG Display is using a metal foil instead of a glass substrate to keep it flexible. Via: […]