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secondary packaging: shopping bags

The shopping bag: secondary packaging that is not to be underestimated

A lot of effort and resources go into product packaging, while secondary packaging is almost always neglected. By providing customers with attractive shopping bags, retail stores, for instance, can do miracles for their products without any effort whatsoever! Unfortunately, shopping bags are rarely designed to attract the gaze of passers-by. There are some brands, however, […]

Cheap packaging ideas for start-up businesses

Any business producing goods, whether big or small, has to invest in packaging. The right choice of materials and an original design get you a long way in creating a packaging concept that stands out on the shelf. But what about small start-up businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in packaging designers? Here […]

Interactive shopping bags

Shopping bags that do more than helping you carry your purchases. Apart from being entertaining, they draw the attention. A different way of promoting a company or a brand. See more on    

Lee's 'Never Wasted' shopping bag

Here is an interesting recycling idea for shopping bags. How do you show your customers that, apart from producing and selling products, you also think about the environment? After bringing the product home, Lee’s shopping bag can be reused by cutting it in pieces. A board game, bookmarks, a calendar, … all with Lee’s brand […]