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Why The New iPhones Will Sucker-Punch – Then Rocket-Launch – Intelligent Packaging

by Udo Panenka, President Esko The moment we realize the size of the gap between our current abilities and our future dreams can be both devastating and motivating. Until now, the main role of packaging has been to protect and preserve the product, secondarily to convey product and marketing information to the shopper. Packaging professionals […]
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Digital printing technology is here. Are you ready?

The past few years have witnessed some great changes in the packaging industry, with new developments in digital print leading the way. Still, while digital printing technology is driving innovation in packaging, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Jan De Roeck, Esko’s Director of Solutions Management, elaborates on digital print innovations and […]

Christmas magic with a personal touch

Packaging World ran a great short run story last week: Erik Knear – the inventor of The Santa Signal™ – struggled to find a packaging supplier that could help bring his brand new invention to market.
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Packaging news – ECMA announces winners of Pro Carton Award 2015

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, Sept. 14, 2015 – More than one hundred entries, including many fantastic innovations, delighted the jury of the Pro Carton ECMA Award this year. The focus was on the unique sustainability of cartonboard: numerous innovative concepts were devoted to cartonboard as a replacement for other materials in order to find more […]
2015 Packaging Innovations fair in Brussels

2015 Packaging Innovations fair in Brussels – Don’t miss out!

The 2015 edition of the exclusive Packaging Innovations fair is set to take place in Brussels from 25-26 November. The Packaging Innovations fair is a high point for members of the Belgian, Dutch and French packaging industry, giving participants the opportunity to source new ideas and enlarge their market. Should you exhibit? Are you a […]

Is your food packaging font size compliant with EU legislation?

As of 13 December 2014 considerable changes in the food labeling legislation come into effect. One of these changes is that key elements on a package must be printed in a minimum font size. Simply reducing the font size to fit all nutritional information in all languages on your packaging will no longer be possible. So […]

Will smart tags change the food packaging world?

Chinese scientists have developed “smart tags” that might just bring an end to the smell test consumers often have to carry out to figure out whether or not a carton of milk has gone sour of if eggs are still edible. The small gel-like tags, about the size of a corn kernel, change color when […]
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Eliminating clamshell terror: Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging initiative offers 200.000+ easy to open items

According to American Medical News around 6.000 Americans every year wind up in emergency rooms with lacerations and puncture wounds caused by clamshell packs. The most severe injuries occur when frustrated consumers reach for knives and scissors trying to open their package. These tools, often taken up in anger, have a tendency to glance off […]

How to choose the perfect cutting table?

Manufacturers of signage, displays and packaging face an increasing amount of short run production. To finish these small batches of customized items, a digital cutting table is the answer to this trend. But what digital cutter machine do you need?
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Digital cutters in cadence with fast digital presses

Faster, bigger, better. We are surrounded by technology that evolves quickly. Modern digital printers shift gears very fast. But can the finishing department follow?

Pentawards 2012: the winners

The international jury of Pentawards nominated Diet Coke as “Diamond Pentawards 2012″ in its vote last June! Coca-Cola commissioned the redesign of Diet Coke to the Turner Duckworth agency. The bold result revolves around the letters D and K, the key elements of the brand. Read the complete story on the Pentawards blog. In addition […]