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Smart AND fun: interactive packaging design is the future

More than 3,400,000,000 people worldwide own a smartphone. By 2021, that figure is expected to double. It is no wonder, then, that there is a revolution going on in the world of interactive packaging, with more and more brands and packaging designers establishing a connection between packaging and the consumer and the consumer via the […]

Tostitos’ Super Bowl packaging gets you home safely

Football fans all over America are counting the days until the Super Bowl kickoff on February 5. Are you one of them? And do you love to party hardy with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a beer in the other? Then you’re in for a treat this year! Frito-Lay’s Tostitos brand […]

Zappos designs an ‘out of the box’ shoe box

Online retailer Zappos loves to think outside the box and wants to inspire its customers to do the same. Zappos’ latest shoe box design speaks volumes about the company’s creative and interactive approach. If shoes are made for walking anywhere the customer wants, Zappos figures, then shoe boxes are made for … whatever the customer […]

Buy me! 4 examples of great interactive packaging design

The packaging industry is a competitive one in which creativity makes all the difference. In order to come up with something that stands out on the shelves, packaging designers are always on the lookout for something different. Right now, interactive packaging design is on the rise – and with good reason. It’s cool, it’s funny, […]

The attractions of personalized packaging

Few brands bother with personalized packaging. That’s a shame because a level of personalization in packaging really appeals to customers. Your own name on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, is surprisingly effective in creating an emotional bond between the product and the consumer.

Holographic packaging: visually stunning and practical

In their continuing search to innovate and create packages that truly stand out on the shelf, designers can make use of state of the art technologies. Holographic technology on packaging not only makes for a true eye-catcher, it also helps protect products against the threat of counterfeiters. Let’s explore some of the innovative ways packaging […]

Entertain your child with creative food packaging for kids!

Many parents will acknowledge that they need to be very inventive to keep coming up with new ideas to entertain their kids. For some companies, especially those selling products for children, this concept is exactly what inspires them to keep designing creative and interactive packaging!

Origami packaging: 5 concepts involving the art of folding

Companies are constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve their packaging, mostly by trying to reduce their production costs and by focusing on the user-friendliness of the package. On top of that, they need to diversify and extend their target market. Nevertheless, some ideas make it possible to reach all these goals. An […]
Intelligent packaging labels for medicine

Intelligent packaging label for medicines

Have you ever wondered how your medicines have been handled from the manufacturer to the shelves of your pharmacy? Some medicines need to stay cool: is that actually the case during transport and handling? To be able to trace medicine product information, the Graphic Packaging, a UK company, specialized in cardboard packaging solutions, is currently […]

Danone introduces QR code supported loyalty program

Interactive, quick and efficient – Danone Spain’s new loyalty program could be the future in consumer rewarding. Using the QR code technology, each Danone yogurt pack features a unique code, that with a click of a smartphone, will connect consumers to the company’s loyalty program ‘Alimenta Sonrisas’. If you’re a coupon addict, this innovative loyalty […]

Children Pharmacy Packaging from Sweden

This “Children Pharmacy” design project by Emmelie Golabiewski, an illustrator based in Stockholm, is an illustrated packaging series featuring everything from a toothbrush and toothpaste stored in an open mouth to tissue dispensed out of a nose. Designed for children, but it may work for adults too! Via Thefoxisblack