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Ron Voigt packaging designers personality type

Why packaging designers are leaders at heart 

While society doesn’t tend to think of packaging designers as leaders, a great deal of designers actually do possess a fair share of leadership qualities.
Marketing now requires existential thinking

“Marketing now requires existential thinking.” Ron Voigt talks making brands more human

Brands who want to thrive in today’s marketing landscape must form human-like relationships with their target audiences. They need to create authentic yet extraordinary brand stories, add strategically chosen splashes of color … and actually make consumers care. President of X-Rite Pantone Ron Voigt recently attended the FUSE design conference in Miami and learned some […]
Clarke is a cardboard recycling robot

WALL-E who? Meet Clarke, the cardboard recycling robot!

It’s been almost ten years since WALL-E first melted our hearts, but it seems the recycling robot is now facing some competition. In terms of recycling capabilities, that is. Clarke, a cardboard recycling robot developed by AMP Robotics and nicknamed after inventor Arthur C. Clarke, is not nearly as cute as WALL-E. But boy, can […]

Did you know? These are the rarest colours in the world

Don’t you just love comparing paint swatches, ‘having a spin’ at the Pantone colour wheel, flipping through hundreds of books and magazines, … and then suddenly finding that perfect hue? If so, then you owe a big thank you to Edward Forbes. As the director of Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum from 1909 to 1944, […]

Now turtles are getting in on 3D packaging design too!

Have you met Freddy? Freddy’s a tortoise. This is his story …

Harmonizing technology: How successful digital systems combine best in- class software with best-in-class integration

In today’s cloud-centric world, if you find yourself with disparate systems that aren’t talking to each other as well as they should, you’re not alone. Getting a cloud platform to work with a local one, or a CRM system to feed into its finance counterpart, isn’t impossible – it just needs the right mix of […]
color coded grocery receipt

Can a grocery receipt fight obesity? This designer says ‘yes!’ 

Studies have shown that obesity will soon be the world’s number one health problem, overtaking famine. Experts estimate that more than one billion people will be obese by 2030. The cause? A monotonous diet that consists mainly of carbs and processed foods. Many people simply can’t tell a bad food choice from a healthy one, […]
cutting table

5 tips to get the most out of your cutting table

Are you always racing against the clock to finish your orders in time while striving for that perfect contour cut? Read on and find out how a Kongsberg plotter cutter helps you deliver perfectly finished results at an unsurpassed speed.
packaging engineer

How to become a packaging engineer

Are you interested in product development, do you have great communication skills and are you up for travel? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, becoming packaging engineer might just be your career of a lifetime! Find out what it takes to become a packaging engineer and learn more about the major job duties.

Cardboard guitar strikes a chord

When it comes to being creative with cardboard, at Ernest Packaging Solutions they really pull out all the stops.
small package design

Why small package design might be better for your product …

Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, your product might benefit from a smaller package design. Your consumers might respond better to “on the go” packages, while retailers with limited shelf space are likely to find a better spot to display your product. Let’s explore three interesting benefits of small size packages.