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food labels for different demographics

Do your food labels meet consumers’ changing needs? 

While consumers are more health-conscious than ever, less than half of them actually read labels before placing food products in their shopping carts. Marketers everywhere are now scratching their heads, because food labels are not just an informative medium subject to ever changing regulatory compliance rules but also a chance for brands to boost sales. […]
traffic light labels EU

They’ve seen the light! EU welcomes ‘traffic light labels’

Remember when we talked about traffic light labels in the UK? They’re now coming to the rest of the EU! With a few minor changes, that is. Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Mars are paving the way for this innovative food labelling concept. While public health campaigners applaud the color-coded labels for their easy […]

How to make your label design talk!

Designing labels has never been an easy feat, but these days it’s particularly difficult as labels are often too small to contain every bit of information the consumer needs – or wants – to know. Another challenge label designers are facing today is counterfeiting, which means labels need to include both covert security measures (hidden […]
shrink sleeve packaging design tips

Packaging design: 4 tips for your shrink sleeves

If you’re designing packaging for, let’s say, pickled pearl onions, shrink sleeves are probably something to steer clear from. When it comes to food packaged in jars, after all, consumers like to see the food they’re buying. But if you’re working on a packaging design for a food or drink that tends to be sold […]
Custom labels digital vs flexographic printing

Custom labels: digital vs. flexographic printing

There are numerous methods to print custom labels, but digital printing and flexographic printing are undoubtedly the most popular. Are you having trouble deciding which of these two printing methods best suits your custom labels? Read on and find out!
Pharmaceutical packaging - security labels

Pharmaceutical packaging – 5 security label design tips

Even though counterfeit medication rarely makes the news, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that it accounts for almost ten percent of the global illegal drug market. This number is expected to grow even more in the next few years. Besides taking revenue away from the pharmaceutical industry, counterfeit medication also takes its toll on […]
flexographic printing

Flexographic label printing: what does the future hold?

Flexographic printing has long been the reliable backbone of the label printing industry. Despite increased competition from other print technologies, experts feel that flexographic printing will remain the go-to technology for label printing in the next few years.
peel-and-reseal label

3 reasons to opt for peel-and-reseal labels

Peel-and-seal labels are not exactly what you call ‘trendy’. After all, they have been around for quite some time now. However, we strongly feel that peel-and seal labels are underappreciated and deserve a second chance to shine! Just imagine what the packaging industry could do with all that extra space … In fact, there are […]
QR codes

5 reasons to stop using QR codes

Ever since QR codes became a ‘thing,’ we’ve seen them on plenty of packaging materials. But are they really such a great marketing tool? It’s been several years now since the first QR code popped up, so what’s the verdict? Will we continue to see QR codes on packaging? We don’t think so, and here […]
brand messaging and brand awareness

How to use labels for brand messaging and awareness

Marketing and branding is all about communicating with your target audience. But that’s easier said than done. How exactly do you go about getting your brand message out to your customers? Using the internet is an obvious way to do so, but what about your offline audience?
labelling beverages

Revolutionizing the beverage labelling landscape

Creating labels that address beverage packaging needs, while at the same time complying with the rules of recycling has always been a challenge to the packaging industry. Until now. Carlsberg Group and Munksjö both introduced new labels that are a perfect combination of form and function while still addressing recycling needs. While Carlsberg Group has […]