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The Long-term Value of Point of Sale Display Marketing

From Amazon to Zara, the rapid global growth of omni-channel retailing has forced increased in-store competition between competing brands. Nowhere is this clearer than in today’s widespread use of Point of Sale (POS) displays, also known as Point of Purchase (POP). Take a look around any large store today and you’ll see POS displays promoting […]
counter display tips

3 tips to design a counter display that really POPs!

Counter displays are a retailer’s best friend when it comes to boosting impulse purchases. The more attractive the display, the more attention it draws and the more likely it is to reel in customers while they’re waiting in line. Are you looking to design a counter display that is bound to stand out? Then make […]

Are you getting the most out of your POP displays?

If you want your product to stand out in the sea of competitive products that is called retail, at some point you will find yourself tempted to design a POP display – or have someone design it for you. But while POP displays, or Point of Purchase displays, are indeed known to increase sales and […]

How to make your brand pop? With a POP display!

There is nothing like a POP display to make your brand stand out in a store aisle. Needless to say, a lot goes into creating a fantastic POP display design that catches the consumer’s eye and convinces them to add the product to their shopping cart. However, these five tried-and-tested tips will help any packaging […]
retail-ready packaging

3 tips to design the best retail-ready packaging

Retail-ready packaging is becoming increasingly popular with retailers, no matter what industry they’re in. And it’s no wonder really, if you consider how much time retail staff save on restocking and rearranging products thanks to this handy packaging solution. In a bid to meet retailers’ increasing demand for packaging that can be transformed into a […]
retail packaging: 5 tips

5 considerations concerning retail packaging

With low-cost big-box stores rising to power everywhere brand owners have been struggling to meet retailers’ requests to deliver shelf-ready packaging. With brand’s delivering retail packaging, big stores can cut out store floor personnel costs restocking products on shelf. So what standards does retail packaging need to meet? We”ll have a look at five factors […]

Impressive point of purchase displays

The opportunity to put a display stand in a store can have a huge impact on the sale of the advertised product. Especially new products need the attention to get an early boost in sales to avoid getting scrapped. It’s no wonder a lot of structural designers try to literally defy gravity to make sure […]

Packaging and POP Display

Creating a Seamless Connection On-Shelf With Packaging and POP Display Hasbro is making a splash in the toy world with its newest game (Cuponk) geared towards both kids and adults. The object of Cuponk is to sink your ball into cups which light up with crazy sounds of victory. Several themed cups, each with their own unique […]

3D Design of the Future

Slow Display, a project from MIT’s Media Lab, is a method for creating displays on screens and physical materials that consumes very little power. The team’s prototype system can create displays at a resolution of 16 megapixels; with the capacity to create images that last for hours. The method is ideal for slow-changing, always-on displays […]

Magic Lemons

I was in the produce section of the grocery store last weekend to buy lemons. I noticed that the signage for these items was of much higher quality than I remember seeing before. In the past, a typical produce sign was only text or was hand written and never included a product image. But all […]