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Top 5 challenges your fellow packaging suppliers are dealing with

What’s yours? No industry is without its trials. These are the problems ours is facing right now – based on a survey executed by Esko – and which can be helped by automation. Not enough hours in the day? This is a tale far older than the packaging industry – though this doesn’t make the […]

Preparing Tomorrow’s Packaging Stars

Consumers drive the global economy forward and good packaging lies behind every purchase. While the importance of our industry can’t be overstated, an ageing workforce along with continually advancing technology has led to an ever-widening skills gap. To bridge this gap and help prepare tomorrow’s packaging experts, Esko is extending its multi-million-dollar donation of software […]

Five reasons your business should consider a cloud deployment of 
Automation Engine SaaS

Five reasons your business should consider a cloud deployment of Automation Engine SaaS With the recent launch of its latest generation of Automation Engine, Esko introduced new capabilities and made the market-leading workflow solution available as a Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’) for the first time.  Here, we look at five ways that a cloud deployment of Automation Engine will help you […]

Why the cloud? 7 ways cloud computing can help your business

With the launch of a new whitepaper and a series of ‘Behind The Scenes’ interviews with its software development team, Esko has developed a set of resources to outline the benefits of packaging industry businesses transitioning to the cloud. Here’s seven ways that cloud-based solutions can deliver benefits to you and your business: 1. Improved flexibility […]

Transformation Tuesdays: Data and asset storage: creating a safer, more efficient prepress through automation and digitization

How many times have you or one of your team been unable to find a file at the crucial time? Or heard the words we all dread from a customer or shift manager – “I need that doing right now!”? In today’s demanding prepress world, there is a growing need for accessible data, either to […]
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How cloud freedom can help you rediscover your passion for prepress

Cloud computing delivers new freedoms to businesses, both in terms of operations & processes as well as in eradicating IT challenges that might stifle the passion for prepress. This is not news. Digitization and the adoption of cloud-based solutions have been ongoing themes in the packaging industry for some time. But recent disruptions have reinforced […]

Transformation Tuesdays: Working with 3D: visualizing efficiency gains for you and your customers

Are you still sending flat packaging designs or artwork to your customers for approval? How can the customer visualize what this looks like in a pack shot or in a virtual 3D environment? Are you missing a trick by not supplying customers with files in three dimensions? Or are you still sending hard copy samples […]

Transformation Tuesdays: Ensuring graphics file readiness in the journey towards digital transformation

We all know that time is our most valuable commodity. In 2021, the ability of print and packaging converters to deliver the best results, in the quickest turnaround time, is going to be more crucial than ever.  Today’s demands already mean there is a real need for speed in packaging prepress. In previous decades, the pressure points used to be at the actual press, with the main challenges being time-consuming change overs or getting print runs to the finishing line and out the door as quickly as possible. But between evolving demands such […]

How seamless data flow from specification to printing press is the recipe for success in corrugated packaging prepress

With the continuing growth in e–commerce, new challenges for shelf-ready packaging in a changing retail landscape, a sustainability-aware consumer and a growing appetite for wide format digital printing, today’s corrugated packaging marketplace can only be described as ‘dynamic’. Against this background on the demand side, corrugated converters are left with a very profound challenge on […]

The importance of integrated and up-to-date software solutions cannot be overstated as we move into the ‘new normal’

Digitizing the process by which packaging is made is already key to delivering long-term business success. As we emerge from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis into a ‘new normal’ with fragile supply chains, volatile demand and a changing retail landscape, the importance of improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty is more vital than ever. […]

Delivering collaboration and connectivity in a post-COVID world

The importance of collaboration and the ability for a business to pivot its organization to enable remote working has not just been reinforced, but rather hammered home during the recent pandemic. As companies still try to get a handle on maintaining operations in a world in the grip of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the importance […]