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Are your brand packaging colors on target

Brand owners beware! Are your brand packaging colors on target?

The colors you pick for your brand packaging design can make all the difference between soaring sales and a major flop. Don’t believe us? The good people at Pepsi-Cola will have you know that when they switched the color of their vending machines in South East Asia from royal blue to light blue back in […]
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Why packaging is the backbone of brand identity

Packaging is the backbone of brand identity. Yet, ironically enough, it seems packaging is going through somewhat of an identity crisis itself. Some argue that packaging is simply a part of the supply chain. Others feel whoever ‘owns’ packaging is neither here nor there. Udo Panenka, President of Esko, makes a strong case that packaging is […]

The secret to more cohesive communications? ‘Brand culture’

Humans are social creatures, hardwired for communication. Our mastery of language made us what we are today. From cave paintings to smartphones, each era of communication came with challenges. Yet some barriers are universal and evergreen. The cost of poor communication Not getting communications right can be costly. The Marie Curie charity, for example, found […]
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Brand strategy: a closer look at limited edition packaging

Limited edition packaging is increasingly becoming a brand strategy in its own right. In a bid to stimulate short-term sales, brands all over the world won’t stop asking their packaging designers to come up with the next must-have limited edition packaging for their products – and the designers are more than happy to oblige! Let’s […]
Brand strategy for Millennials

5 tips to adapt your brand strategy to Millennials

Millennials, or Generation Y, are the latest generation of consumers to influence the brand packaging industry. Spending more than €554 billion on goods every year, Millennials are certainly worth the extra effort when it comes to developing your brand strategy. Are you not quite sure how to make your brand relatable to this fast-changing and […]
5 tips to create the best brand packaging design

5 tips to create the best brand packaging design

There used to be a time when flashy images and plastering the words ‘new and improved’ onto boxes made for successful packaging design, but today’s consumer is far too sophisticated and demanding to fall for these old-fashioned tricks of the trade. So what do consumers reach for on the shelves these days? One answer: strong […]
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3 essentials of modern brand packaging

It is no secret that consumers who purchase big brand products like to feel connected to the products they purchase. That said, the time when brand packaging revolved around adapting packaging design to demographic target audiences is coming to an end. What’s most effective today in brand packaging? Packaging design that feels personal to the […]
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What do consumers want? They don’t know! Luckily, market research does …

No matter what product they’re looking for, consumers are always faced with an abundance of choices. So how can you know if consumers will buy your product instead of someone else’s? By conducting market research, that’s how! Market research Market research is more than simply asking friends and family what they think of your product. […]

An inquiry into the additional purpose of packaging

Let’s face it: packaging’s main purpose is to make products look good so they attract more buyers. There’s more to it than that, however. Packaging also offers product protection and may even offer additional value and purpose.

When to rebrand? Three reasons that shouldn’t be ignored

Rebranding is risky business for any company. In some cases, however, it’s the only sensible thing to do … There are three reasons when it’s absolutely necessary to steer your brand in a new direction: When the face of your company/marketing dies. When your brand is no longer culturally valid. When your brand no longer offers […]
brand equity pyramid

What packaging designers can learn from the brand equity pyramid …

Keller’s brand equity pyramid is a valuable instrument for marketers everywhere. However, packaging designers can make use of the tool as well to create packaging designs that will have a lasting impact on consumers. Let’s dive into some marketing theory!