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Connect all internal stakeholders & approvers in your packaging production

Free download: Building bridges to better packaging for brands Download our free Whitepaper to find out how to optimize your product packaging process. Streamline product packaging needs Reduce costs optimize internal and external communication & Manage approval cycles efficiently Manage lead time pressures Many of the pressures faced by Brand Owners today impact those who […]
How to achieve color consistency across the supply chain

How to achieve color consistency across the supply chain

When it comes to the color of your packaging design, what you see isn’t always what you’re going to get. It takes a great deal of (color) management to achieve color consistency across the supply chain, as well as a certain alertness to the most important pitfalls.

4 critical questions when choosing a marketing and packaging asset management system

You have made the decision. You think your company will benefit from a marketing asset management system that incorporates packaging. You know the long-term gains it will bring for your brands and the organization as a whole. But where next? How do you go about finding the right system for your organization? What questions should […]

Why packaging and marketing need to be perfectly aligned

Packaging is a crucial element of the marketing mix, certainly for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. A well-packaged product can attract potential customers and influence their purchasing decisions, often without them even realizing it, which is why packaging is sometimes referred to as “the silent salesman.” This article outlines its sometimes underappreciated marketing value. 

What keeps brand owners awake at night?

If you are involved in bringing products to market, you will know there are many potential issues that can keep you awake at night. We conducted interviews with Heads of Marketing from FMCG companies to discover the main challenges related to the packaging supply chain and how to overcome them. Key pain points included: Digital […]

To innovate better: get surreal

By Ronald Voigt Have you seen the Academy Award-Winning La La Land, where the stars dance through the cosmos and experience alternate realities? Or the commercial, where a famous freestyle dancer slides down the street, up the walls, over the marquee and beyond, transported by his next-gen earphones? Maybe you’ve seen this Russian packaging that […]

4 dimensions that pull marketing closer together

In an increasingly complex role, CMOs must manage processes, assets, data and technology within their organization more closely – instead of relying on third parties or managing from afar.
consumer packaging meets digital

Digital & consumer packaging come together over a Nespresso

Nestlé’s global head of digital and social media, Pete Blackshaw, recently published his Digital Year in Review. His mission? Smoothly connecting physical products with digital experiences. His point of view is an intriguing one, which should make all of us in packaging lean in, listen closely, and ask ourselves: what role does consumer packaging play […]

Is your packaging consistency in good health?

Packaging is often the first touch point people have with a product, whether in store or online. For healthcare brands it is critical that their physical and online packaging are aligned. Discrepancies can be costly in terms of revenue, compliance or patient safety.
brand consistency is crucial

Steps toward Physical/Digital Brand Consistency

By Udo Panenka, President, Esko – I began my article on brand fragmentation due to disconnected marketing efforts, published recently in Branding Magazine, with the quote “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity,” from Bruce Lee. Mr. Lee knew what he was talking about; it’s consistency that FMCG brands can use to knit their different channels and […]