Packaging Innovation
February 25, 2011

The 5 deadly sins in packaging your product

Packaging is part of the product , not an afterthought. Packaging University lists the 5 biggest Packaging mistakes that you can make when bringing a product to the market. Number 1 is simple and straightforward, namely forgetting to consider packaging for your product. Here is the (check)list:
  1. Waiting Too Late To Start Thinking About Product Packaging Solution: Think about your product packaging at the very beginning of product development.
  2. Not Doing Your Packaging Homework Solution: The important thing is to recognize that the more advance preparation you do, the better your packaging outcome.
  3. Not Choosing a Packaging Material Solution: In order to package a product, you must first narrow down the resource and material universe.
  4. Not Taking Advice From Others Solution: Listen to what other people have to say about your product packaging.
  5. Not Being Realistic Solution: I know your product is fantastic, but you may need to start out on a smaller scale than you envision.
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