Packaging Innovation
March 30, 2016

The secret to more cohesive communications? ‘Brand culture’

Humans are social creatures, hardwired for communication. Our mastery of language made us what we are today. From cave paintings to smartphones, each era of communication came with challenges. Yet some barriers are universal and evergreen.

The cost of poor communication

Not getting communications right can be costly. The Marie Curie charity, for example, found poor communications cost the UK National Health Service over £1bn every year. And brand insight provider Warc found effective marketing needs context. Top brands Coca-Cola, Heineken and P&G see the importance of a cross-functional approach to launches. This takes clear communications.

Brand culture and self-awareness

Organizations must consider three communications streams: internal, supply chain and external. All relate to brand culture. brand-culture-2

Look at Coca-Cola with its 500-plus brands. In an increasingly health-conscious world, it must reposition away from fizzy drinks but maintain the integrity of its heritage. It needs to recognize strengths and address weaknesses. Here’s where clear communication comes in.

Companies mistakenly isolate teams, says Nicky Gallagher of consultancy HarknessKennett: “Working in silos is never good. Knowledge sharing is key.” She adds: “Work on your ‘storytelling’ techniques. Show your organization what the future could look like if they all worked to a common goal.” Think two-way conversations, which help relationships.