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March 10, 2016

Brand strategy: a closer look at limited edition packaging

Limited edition packaging is increasingly becoming a brand strategy in its own right. In a bid to stimulate short-term sales, brands all over the world won’t stop asking their packaging designers to come up with the next must-have limited edition packaging for their products – and the designers are more than happy to oblige! Let’s have a closer look at some limited edition packaging that sold out in no time:

1.     The King of Pop – and Pepsi cans

In 2012, three years after his death, Michael Jackson was still raking in the dollars thanks to Pepsi. Staying true to their tried-and-tested blue background, Pepsi simply added the image of Michael Jackson striking one of his signature poses to their cans and consequently released the limited edition cans in twenty countries.

2.     Talk about brand visibility!

Who said your product has to be visible to increase your brand visibility? Famous for how it becomes nearly invisible once it’s been applied onto paper, Scotch’s Magic Tape was given an invisible – yet very noticeable – limited edition packaging. Packaging designers came up with a system of mirrored panels to create the illusion of an empty box, yet the box contained no less than five rolls of tape.

3.     Limited edition packaging you can wear

Luxury brands are more than familiar with the concept of limited edition packaging and very much aware of the added value it creates in the eyes of their target audience. Oscar de la Renta is no exception, the brand’s limited edition Esprit d’Oscar perfume packaged inside a ring having sold out in a mere few seconds back in 2011.

Brand strategy: getting the basics right

Unfortunately, limited edition packaging is not always as successful as the examples above. In fact, research has shown that as much as 90 percent of limited edition packaging fails to increase sales. Worse even, limited edition packaging designs sometimes have a negative impact on brand equity. In order to get it right, investing in a solid brand management system is a must.   Inspired by Persona Design