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Are your brand packaging colors on target
October 5, 2017

Brand owners beware! Are your brand packaging colors on target?

The colors you pick for your brand packaging design can make all the difference between soaring sales and a major flop. Don’t believe us? The good people at Pepsi-Cola will have you know that when they switched the color of their vending machines in South East Asia from royal blue to light blue back in the 1950s, their sales took quite a blow. (You know, light blue being the color of death over there.) That said, choosing the right brand packaging colors is not just a cultural matter. If you really want to tailor your brand packaging’s colors to your target audience, knowing the basics of color psychology is a must.

Color psychology 101

It’s a proven fact that different colors give rise to different emotions, determining consumer behavior. Surely, it’s not all color that makes the world of brand packaging go round, but nonetheless it’s well worth knowing that:
  • blue is associated with success and reliability
  • green exudes eco-friendliness
  • yellow crafts perceptions of fun and modernity
  • red creates a sense of urgency and exudes confidence
  • purple is all about female charm and glamor
  • pink is the color of youth and imagination

Brand packaging colors: mind the demographics

psychology behind brand packaging colorsStill, while color psychology may seem pretty straightforward, humans are a complicated race. Men and women don’t tend to agree when it comes to color, and neither do people of different ages. Even social backgrounds sometimes come into play. Finally, don’t be tempted into thinking in stereotypes, e.g. ‘boys love blue, girls love pink’. In fact, a study conducted by Joe Hallock at the University of Washington in 2013 concluded both genders favor blue of all colors. The moral of the story: use focus groups!

Esko Color Engine

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