Packaging Innovation
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November 27, 2015

3 essentials of modern brand packaging

It is no secret that consumers who purchase big brand products like to feel connected to the products they purchase. That said, the time when brand packaging revolved around adapting packaging design to demographic target audiences is coming to an end. What’s most effective today in brand packaging? Packaging design that feels personal to the consumer, as if they are the only person the brand is speaking to. A short overview of brand packaging essentials that are sure to entice today’s consumer:

1.     Handwritten typography

brand packaging A handwritten note has a more personal impact than a typed message, and this is no different when it comes to packaging. Consumers subconsciously associate packaging that features a uniquely-designed, seemingly handwritten font – such as Ben & Jerry’s or Barbie’s signature- with a handwritten note from a friend.

2.     Brand packaging that tells a story

brand packaging Once your brand packaging has established a friendly connection with your consumer, it’s time to strike up a conversation – or at least give your consumer the impression that you have a great story to tell in which they can take part. Graphics and QR codes are great means to tell your brand’s story, but don’t forget that consumers themselves are the best advocates for your brand. They play a part in your brand’s story, too! In other words, don’t hesitate to interact with your fans and encourage them to interact with each other.

3.     Expensive packaging materials

brand packaging Expensive packaging materials not only make your product more appealing on the shelves, but also create an aura of exclusivity. It suggests that the product inside is not just a mass produced item, but a valuable collector’s item that deserves to be cherished. A special gift from your brand to your consumer, if you will.