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5 tips to create the best brand packaging design
January 11, 2016

5 tips to create the best brand packaging design

There used to be a time when flashy images and plastering the words ‘new and improved’ onto boxes made for successful packaging design, but today’s consumer is far too sophisticated and demanding to fall for these old-fashioned tricks of the trade. So what do consumers reach for on the shelves these days? One answer: strong brands with distinctive personalities, which surprise and delight the consumer time and time again. Personalities so strong they are able to convince consumers they hold the key to a great experience.

Brand packaging design in 2016

Needless to say, translating strong brand personalities into an equally strong and meaningful brand packaging design is not without challenges. Here are a few tips to help your brand packaging design stick out on the shelves in 2016:

1. Tell a story

Fact: people love a good story. Fact: consumers favor brands with an authentic personality. In other words, anyone who is considering buying your brand will be interested in your brand’s story. So don’t hesitate to tell them all about it! Use words, images, ‘did you know’ facts, links to websites or movies, … anything you can think of to tell your brand’s history and go beyond a logo to reveal its personality.

2. Make it personal

Give your packaging design an extra personal touch through (seemingly) handmade details. A font that looks handwritten, bows that are or look hand-tied, … Anything that adds to an overall handmade look not only makes your packaging stand out on the shelves but also gives your brand a more personal appeal – and therefore adds to the strength of its personality.

3. Show that you care

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing habits have on society and the environment, and consequently tend to favor brands that are ‘caring’ and ‘responsible’. Don’t hesitate to use eco-friendly packaging materials and mention it on your packaging.

4. Be honest

The 2016 consumer favors ‘humanized’ products over photoshopped portrayals of beauty and glamour. A down-to-earth approach for your brand packaging design, such as using images of ‘real’ people instead of models, is an excellent means to add authenticity to your brand.

5. Stay true to your brand

Although innovation and growth go hand in hand, it is hard to remain credible if innovations cause your brand’s packaging to be inconsistent with your brand’ personality. Use brand management software to ensure your packaging design turns out the way it is intended, and to safeguard the personality of your brand throughout the whole packaging production process.