Packaging Innovation
November 30, 2016

Is your packaging consistency in good health?

Packaging is often the first touch point people have with a product, whether in store or online. For healthcare brands it is critical that their physical and online packaging are aligned. Discrepancies can be costly in terms of revenue, compliance or patient safety.

Towards a single source of truth

Companies need to gain control and alignment across the digital and physical shelves. By centralizing all final brand assets companies can communicate with all stakeholders from a single source of truth. This can cover specification, regulatory documentation, copy and text, labels, marketing brochures, videos, point of sale materials…

Start with the packaging

The physical product that ends up on the retail shelf is the best starting point: you can easily derive all the digital aspects from the final product.

Regain control

Aligning your brand assets across physical and digital channels can be challenging. Esko’s modular solution centralizes all brand assets and provides control of all assets across all channels – led by packaging and labeling. It provides full traceability of your product lifecycle and – vitally – publication from a single source of truth.

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