Packaging Innovation
consumer loyalty
July 10, 2018

Make your brand packaging design the key to consumer loyalty!

Overwhelmed by choice, today’s consumer rarely sticks to a single brand. In bid to raise brand awareness and encourage consumer loyalty, companies rely on their marketing departments to churn out creative ad after creative ad. Meanwhile, the most powerful tool to reel in customers for the long haul is right under their noses. We’re of course talking about packaging design! Here’s how to make yours the key to consumer loyalty.

1.     Make it a personalized packaging design

We can’t stress it enough: millennial consumers L-O-V-E packaging that is tailored to their personal preferences. What’s more, getting consumers involved in the design process doesn’t even have to be difficult. If variable data printing, for example, is not within your budget or abilities, you can simply give consumers a say in how their product is packaged by offering them several materials, colors, graphics, fonts, … to choose from.

2.     Sustainability sells

Millennials also love to feel like they’re doing their bit to save the environment. So make your packaging design lean and green (and reusable if possible), and be sure to mention your sustainability efforts on the design itself.

3.     Show that you care that they care

consumer loyalty While most millennial consumers are more than willing to pay a little extra for packaging that is sustainable, they will sympathize with your brand even more if you offer them a reward for making ‘the right choice’, for example giving them a special discount or letting them know you will donate a part of the proceeds to charity.

4.     Throw in an incentive

Speaking of rewards, don’t forget to offer both first-time and returning customers an incentive to purchase from you in the nearby future. Again, there’s no need to make things complicated. An incentive can be as simple as a voucher or a discount code printed on the inside of the packaging. Inspired by Packaging News