Packaging Innovation
brand packaging design for online products
November 6, 2018

How does online shopping influence packaging design?

Thanks to the rise of the internet, shoppers are better informed than ever. Especially when it comes to food and beverage, consumers purposely look up as much information as they can online before making a purchase. According to a recent study by Danaher, 75 percent of online food and beverage shoppers plan to make another online purchase within the next 18 months. Of those shoppers, 37 percent use their smartphone in-store to take pictures of products they plan to look up online. So, what does that imply for packaging design? Read on to find out!

Packaging design for online products: brand consistency is key

brand packaging design for online products When a new distribution channel emerges, brands are often tempted to request specialized packaging. They should be aware, however, that consumers expect a cohesive customer experience. They want the product they buy online to be (very) similar to what they saw in-store, and vice versa. More specifically, as Danaher states, a whopping 91 percent of online shoppers claim to feel disappointed when the packaging that arrives on their doorstep has a different format or a different color than what they saw online. Any form of redesign, in other words, should always be carefully considered to maintain brand consistency. Must-read! Does your packaging design for e-commerce have what it takes to go viral?

Workflow automation for brands

Brands who truly want to thrive in the online shopping era must automate the packaging workflow in every way possible, connecting all stages of the packaging value chain so that the output of one department immediately becomes the input for the next. They must be certain everyone involved in the design and distribution chain works with the same data at all times, which is especially true for color management. The best way to go about that is investing in a fast and easy tool like QuickStart. It enables you to optimize and digitize both your entire artwork process and the management involved, centralizing all brand assets as well as review and approval cycles.   Inspired by Packaging Strategies