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Is this the most refreshing plastic water bottle design yet?

Plastic water bottles are usually thrown away when empty, or reused once or twice at the most. Steven Klein decided it was time to change that. Were you one of those kids who made the craziest K’nex constructions? Then you’re going to love this.
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4 tips to designing water bottles consumers will appreciate

If there is such a thing as a homogeneous product, it would have to be water. So brands have to distinguish their product from those of competitors in other ways, which leads us to original bottle designs. Here are some important issues to consider.
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6 inspiring water bottle designs that will make your jaw drop

One of the most challenging tasks any packaging designer may come across in his career is creating a water bottle that stands out on the shelf. Being original and eye-catching in a highly saturated market is quite a challenge indeed, especially when you take into account the specific needs of the product. To inspire you, […]
Edible packaging - Packaging water without bottles

Edible packaging – Packaging water without bottles!

Let’s face it: our Western consumerism lifestyle has left disastrous marks on our planet and continues to do so. Our increasing pile of packaging waste in particular is a major issue when it comes to maintaining a green environment. Sure, many of us have taken up recycling and composting to reduce waste. But let’s be […]

“Why do people buy bottled drinking water?”

There isn’t a product in the world as universal as still water. No matter where you go or what brand you buy, in essence, all water is roughly the same: it looks the same and it tastes, more or less, the same.
Mainichi Newspapers news water bottle

Japanese millennials are in love with the ‘news bottle’

So, when was the last time you picked up a newspaper? If you’re a millennial, chances are you can’t even remember. Print newspapers are being eclipsed by online media, a process which started about a decade ago, forcing news outlets to come up with new and creative ways to remain relevant in a society that […]

Eco packaging and brand equity: “Stop the water while using me”

Turning ‘green products’ into a successful business model is quite a challenge. “Stop the water while using me”, a German-based company does it, and quite successfully so. They sell soap products in containers bearing the company name as a warning and instruction for the user. It’s a clever and bold move that deserves our attention.

Recycle your drink bottle, feed a stray dog

How can we get people to recycle? Governments all over the world are struggling with this very issue. Perhaps this innovative recycling bin by Turkish company Pugedon might help! For every empty plastic bottle you put in the bin, the machine fills up a bowl of kibble for the stray dogs to enjoy. Brilliant!

Coca-Cola provides second life for empty plastic bottles

Recently, Coca-Cola came up with a new ad campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather China. The TV commercial features the new second life kit from the brand, that allows you to put empty plastic bottles to good use by screwing an accessory on top. Instead of throwing them in the bin, users can use their […]

Thirsty for inspiration? 5 creative beverage packaging designs!

Year after year, summertime equals incredibly creative beverage packaging design. With all the new drinks being launched in what is the high season for beverage manufacturers, packaging designers go out of their way to create visual masterpieces that will drown out their competitors for sure. Scroll on to discover some of the best beverage packaging […]

7 creative packaging designs that will make you smile!

Forget expensive advertising campaigns! Nothing beats a creative packaging design with a dash of humor to stop busy consumers in their tracks. Stuck for inspiration? We’ve collected plenty of attention-grabbing examples, so sit back and enjoy the browse!