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‘Going nuts’ over biodegradable food packaging design!

Research has shown that U.S. consumers aged 18 years and older are increasingly interested in biodegradable packaging. To be more precise, 45 percent of adult consumers in the United States interviewed in 2017 claimed to purposely buy food from brands which offer products in biodegradable packaging whenever recyclable packaging is not an option. Brands like […]

Biodegradable chocolate packaging – eat a bar, grow a plant

Packaging designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to tackle the waste problem. Biodegradable packaging is a no-brainer: the packaging dissolves overtime, leaving no waste whatsoever. The only problem is, it can’t be used for every type of product. However, that didn’t stop designer Connor Davey, when he came up with Bloom Everlasting […]

The biodegradable urn: turn into a tree when you die

As you know we at Esko are big fans of environmentally friendly packaging. And so this biodegradable urn, called Bios Urn, deserves our full attention.
Biodegradable packaging: plant your bowl!

Biodegradable packaging: eat your food and plant your bowl!

As the consumption of ready-made and fast food meals continually increases, more leftovers and nonrenewable packages are thrown away, causing a substantial impact on the environment. The demand for eco-friendly food packaging is therefore on the rise. With this in mind, Michal Marka, a Slovak designer, has come up with the idea of a biodegradable bowl […]

A new take on biodegradable food packaging | Mighty Oats

Sustainable packaging materials have become quite common in the packaging industry. Sustainability is far more than being energy efficient and reducing waste though, it’s a way of life. Mighty Oats organic baby food shows a creative take on biodegradable food packaging that is not only good for the environment, but will teach children valuable life […]

Sustainable packaging in 2013: biodegradable bioplastics

Sustainability has become an important part of (marketing) budgets for 2013 and the need to think green is sure to continue for many years to come as both regulation and consumers become stricter on ecological issues. Some companies have already made great strides in reducing the impact of their products on the environment. For example […]

SunChips new biodegradable bag

Frito-Lay discovered a possible solution to the noisy biodegradable SunChips bags that were introduced last year.  The bags made such a screeching sound that the consumers started to complain about it, and sales dropped with 11% in the year after the introduction of the bag. Now, a rubbery adhesive is sandwiched between the two layers of […]

2019 Packaging trends

According to Mintel, the world leading market intelligence agency, there are four major trends leading the way in today’s packaging industry. Connected Packaging The development of connected packaging is booming driven by growth in ownership of connected devices worldwide, increasing interest in the development of the Internet of Things (IOT) and advancement in technology that […]
sustainable pouch packaging

What does it take to make pouch packaging truly sustainable?

A common misconception among consumers as well as vendors is that pouch packaging must be biodegradable in order to be sustainable. However, as pouches are not and should not be biodegradable – we’ll explain why below – those consumers and vendors wrongly assume that pouches are not eco-friendly by a long shot. Read on to […]
4 packaging design trends falling out of fashion

Long time no see! 4 packaging design trends falling out of fashion

A big part of staying in the increasingly competitive packaging game is knowing when it’s time to let go. Of design trends, that is. Read on to discover which packaging design trends are falling out of fashion in 2018.
pharma packaging future challenges

Is your pharma packaging ready to board the ship to … the future? 

As the average life expectancy increases and the economy globalizes, the pharma industry continues to evolve – as does the pharma packaging supply chain. So how about you? Will your pharma packaging be able to keep up with expectations? Read on to discover which challenges lie ahead.