Packaging Innovation
July 25, 2016

Free PDF: Conquering packaging and artwork inefficiencies (PART 1)

Your company is almost certainly inefficient; and the larger it is, the more likely it is to have departmental,regional or functional silos that contribute to this. EU businesses report losing an average of one percent of their revenue each year due to a lack of efficient working practices; that’s a total of around €60 billion […]


Are you flexo printing yet? 5 reasons why you should be!

Flexo printing involves flexible plates, mounted onto cylinders, with relief images that leave impressions using various kinds of ink on a wide variety of substrates. Flexo printing, or flexography, became wildly popular in the early nineties when the quality of flexo printing presses, flexo plates and inks improved tremendously. Many professional printers today still prefer […]

July 21, 2016

3 tips for designing great ecommerce packaging

For online retailers, packaging is a unique opportunity to strengthen their brand image and make a good first impression. Yet many online stores fail to look beyond the quality and strength of their packaging, even though ecommerce packaging offers a wide array of possibilities for branding and promotion.

July 18, 2016

Just how safe is your product packaging design?

A great product packaging design is, of course, awesome to look at, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Next to appearance, safety is an important – if not the most important – aspect of packaging design as well. A packaging design that is unsafe or causes wrap rage can harm the consumer […]

July 14, 2016

Are you getting the most out of your POP displays?

If you want your product to stand out in the sea of competitive products that is called retail, at some point you will find yourself tempted to design a POP display – or have someone design it for you. But while POP displays, or Point of Purchase displays, are indeed known to increase sales and […]

July 11, 2016

3 key challenges for pharmaceutical packaging designers

Designing packaging for pharmaceutical products is no easy feat. This article discusses key challenges pharmaceutical packaging designers are currently facing (next to GMP compliance).

July 7, 2016

Now, this is a fish packaging design that really jumps out!

Polish food brand Mila is proud of its fresh fish products. So much so that the company recently teamed up with Y&R Poland, a leading marketing communications agency, to create an extra special packaging design that is all about freshness. The result: a funny – or should we say scary? –  fish packaging design that […]

July 4, 2016

Enough is enough. Simplify your packaging design!

We’re only halfway through the year, but 2016 has already seen many packaging design trends come and go. If you’d ask us to describe all these trends in one word, however, we wouldn’t have to think twice about it. Packaging design trends in 2016 all come down to one and the same thing: essentialism. Mind […]

June 30, 2016

Fancy a beer and some six-pack rings for a snack?

It’s no secret that plastic six-pack rings pose a major threat to animals and the environment in general. Over the years, many businesses and organizations have attempted to come up with sustainable alternatives to this (unfortunately) popular type of plastic packaging, but they failed to wow the world. Then Saltwater Brewery decided to give it […]

June 27, 2016

Do the best packaging designs really come in pairs?  

Earlier this year, packaging designers for Kirin Company (a Japanese beverage company) and Glico (a Japanese candy manufacturer) released the fruits of their cooperation into the world. The design teams had worked together to create inspiring packaging for Kirin’s ‘Teagurt’ (a mixture of yogurt and tea) and Glico’s ‘Pocky Lemon Love’ (lemon-flavored biscuit sticks). Which, […]

June 23, 2016

Buy me! 4 examples of great interactive packaging design

The packaging industry is a competitive one in which creativity makes all the difference. In order to come up with something that stands out on the shelves, packaging designers are always on the lookout for something different. Right now, interactive packaging design is on the rise – and with good reason. It’s cool, it’s funny, […]