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Top 3 packaging trends

Top 3 tried-and-true packaging trends

The world of product packaging is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Relying on traditional advertising and sticking to ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ is no longer enough to attract consumers and stay relevant in the market. Keeping up with the latest packaging trends is crucial for a company to grow […]

How to create the best packaging design

How to create the best packaging design

Two seconds. That’s all it takes for a consumer to decide whether or not your packaging design deserves a second look. So is your packaging design striking enough to stand out on the shelf and wow a consumer? Let’s have a look at three packaging design techniques that guarantee shelf impact!

Auntie Dolores marijuana packaging

So how DO you design medicinal marijuana packaging?

When Auntie Dolores created their gourmet medicinal marijuana-infused snacks, they were faced with a challenge: how do you package food which is actually medicine? And perhaps most important: how do you make the packaging appealing yet childproof? Let’s have a look at their intriguing packaging design…

Packaging design for men

3 ways to make your packaging design appeal to men

For decades, certain products have been catering specifically to men. The list is long: razors, aftershaves, hair gels, beer and heavy alcohols, cigarettes … Life to the modern man, however, revolves around much more than shaving, drinking, smoking and having great-looking hair. The modern man is not afraid to help out with cooking, grocery shopping, […]

Choosing the right color for your packaging design

Choosing the right color for your packaging design

Color not only plays a major role in making your packaging design stand out on the shelf, it also conveys a brand’s message and persuades consumers to actually buy the product. If you’ve chosen the right color, that is. How do you determine which hue is best suited for a particular product’s packaging design? Through […]

How to tune your packaging design to different cultures

How to tune your packaging design to different cultures

There are thousands of different cultures in the world, each with their own unique tastes and needs. So, when designing your packaging for a foreign market it makes little sense not to take into account the culture of that market. A particular color, for instance, can significantly boost sales in one country while dramatically reducing […]

5 inspiring sustainable packaging ideas

5 inspiring sustainable packaging ideas

Companies are increasingly focusing on sustainable packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. And they have every reason to! According to, 64% of consumers say it is very important for companies to use environment-friendly or biodegradable packaging. That’s great news for the packaging industry, because sustainable packaging seems to bring out the best […]

Edible packaging - Packaging water without bottles

Edible packaging – Packaging water without bottles!

Let’s face it: our Western consumerism lifestyle has left disastrous marks on our planet and continues to do so. Our increasing pile of packaging waste in particular is a major issue when it comes to maintaining a green environment. Sure, many of us have taken up recycling and composting to reduce waste. But let’s be […]

packaging design subconscious

How to use packaging design to appeal to the subconscious

Did you know that at least 85% of all decisions we make are governed by our subconscious? Consequently, no matter how nice packaging may be to look at, it does not always necessarily connect with its target audience or sell the product.

3D packaging

3D packaging gives the packaging world a whole new dimension

What happens if a Swedish paper maker teams up with an Italian machinery manufacturer? You get FreeFormPack! FreeFormPack is a packaging method that creates unique 3D packaging, suitable for both food and non-food markets, with a custom shape or texture in a cost-effective form-fill-seal process. It is the brainchild of Italian machinery manufacturer Curti and […]

mocktails packaging

Mocktail packaging shakes up the summer season!

Summertime means company barbecues and gatherings with friends. It also means having a drink or two, or three … So what do you do when you’re not up for adult beverages but don’t want to feel singled out? You drink a Mocktail, of course! Mocktails are as colorful and exotic-looking as real cocktails, but without […]