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Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging: what does the future hold?

The packaging industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to one of flexible packaging that can be tailored to the properties of a wide range of products. As flexible packaging is the most economical and convenient packaging method to date, it comes as no surprise that store shelves and […]

Packaging design isn't always what it seems

Packaging design: things aren’t always what they seem

Packaging design goes beyond ensuring that consumers can safely transport products from the store to their home. It’s about making a product stand out on the shelves, getting consumers to pick up the product and convincing them to purchase it. It’s common knowledge among packaging industry professionals that more than half of consumers buy a […]

thrilling toy packaging designs

3 thrilling toy packaging designs

It goes without saying that toy manufacturers, even though they undoubtedly have a lot of fun creating their products, cater to the most difficult target audience there is: children – and their parents. Toys these days have to be cool, innovative and wholesome at the same time. Last but not least, toy shelves are undoubtedly […]

Packaging designs tailored to women

How to make your packaging design appeal to men and women

With the huge range of choices consumers face in today’s market, adapting your packaging design to cater to different segments of your target audience is never a bad idea. Adapting packaging design to gender, for instance, can be a great selling tool. Want proof? Here are three intriguing packaging designs, specifically targeting either men or […]

The ideal beauty product packaging design

Good looking, easy and up for travel – The perfect beauty product packaging design

As far as consumers shopping for beauty and personal care products are concerned, the outside does matter. According to MWV’s annual Packaging Matters survey, a whopping 37% of consumers base their decision whether or not to purchase a certain beauty product solely on the product’s packaging design. So what are they looking for exactly? Here […]

How digital watermarking speeds up in-store checkout

How digital watermarking speeds up in-store checkout

Nobody likes standing in line at the checkout counter. However, chances are those long lines will soon become ancient history as retailers are increasingly turning to digital watermarking to speed up the checkout process. A company called Digimarc has come up with an ingenious method to encode entire surfaces of packages with invisible barcodes containing […]

Using diamond dust in pharmaceutical packaging

Diamonds are pharmaceutical packaging’s best friend

Counterfeiting is a worldwide problem. Not only does it damage the reputation of all kinds of brands and businesses while stealing a big chunk out of their revenue, it also poses a serious threat to the safety of consumers. This is particularly true in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the World Health Organization, the number […]

Using eye contact in product packaging

Successful product packaging – More than meets the eye

It is no secret that product packaging is a critical part of every successful marketing strategy for consumer goods. Incorporating your brand’s message and values into packaging is key – and meticulously choosing all the right colors, fonts and materials that correspond to your brand are the way to do it. Recent research, however, has […]

Top 3 packaging trends

Top 3 tried-and-true packaging trends

The world of product packaging is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Relying on traditional advertising and sticking to ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ is no longer enough to attract consumers and stay relevant in the market. Keeping up with the latest packaging trends is crucial for a company to grow […]

How to create the best packaging design

How to create the best packaging design

Two seconds. That’s all it takes for a consumer to decide whether or not your packaging design deserves a second look. So is your packaging design striking enough to stand out on the shelf and wow a consumer? Let’s have a look at three packaging design techniques that guarantee shelf impact!

Auntie Dolores marijuana packaging

So how DO you design medicinal marijuana packaging?

When Auntie Dolores created their gourmet medicinal marijuana-infused snacks, they were faced with a challenge: how do you package food which is actually medicine? And perhaps most important: how do you make the packaging appealing yet childproof? Let’s have a look at their intriguing packaging design…